We've Cracked the Code: How to Generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn

Turn LinkedIn Into Your B2B Sales Lead Generation Powerhouse!

We have had great success getting B2B clients from LinkedIn. Here are a couple steps to set up LinkedIn as a lead business developer for your business.

Optimize your Profile: 

  • You will need to go over your profile, spend some time inputting your work history and current gig. There are many sections for you to use to input your business on your page. Also, make sure your business has LinkedIn page as well and all your links are in your profile and business page. We can help you optimize your LinkedIn Profile and business page.

LinkedIn Messaging & Connections: 

  • We offer a manual messaging service to ensure that your LinkedIn connections receive personalized messages, avoiding any potential blocking issues on the platform. Each message will be sent individually, no bots. LinkedIn does not like bots. We will search out your client's industry and position, and send direct connection requests with a message. LinkedIn does limit the amount of messages you can send so we do recommend Sales Navigator inside LinkedIn, which will allow more messaging.

The Services Includes:

  • Sending connection requests with a personalized message.
  • Conducting messaging campaigns to all your 1st-degree connections, addressing them individually by their first name.
  • Sending direct messages to specific saved search lists in your LinkedIn account.
  • By sending 100 connections every week from your LinkedIn account, no flags are raised since LinkedIn allows you to send 200 connections with messages every week.

To get started, simply provide us with your targeted industry, niche, or people title, as well as their location, based on your desired LinkedIn profiles.

You must have Sales Navigator through Linkedin.

Use the link below to get started! If you would like optimization, please email info@livecontactleads.com

LinkedIn Messaging to New Connections - 100 per Week(400 Total) - Monthly Service